About the tournament

Miss the spirit of international competitions?


The ultimate online tournament for players from Luxembourg and Russia

90% of the tournament participants – real golfers

Connect with golf enthusiasts, win prizes and improve your skills -

All from the comfort of your home!


For each participant - Cobra King Radspeed 3 Hybrid [L7+]

The winner - Max Distance 10.5° Driver [L10+]

2nd place - Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Ten Putter [L10+]
3nd place - Cleveland CG16 60° Wedge [L7+]
4-10th places - 3 Pack of Pebble Beach Vapor Balls [L0+]


23 – 30 April, 2021 WGT Pebble Beach golf course

Single Stroke Play
April 23, 9:00
April 23, 9:00 (CET)

Tournament starts

April 30, 9:00
April 30, 9:00 (CET)

Tournament closes

April 30 April 30

Prizes allocation

Participation rules

Virtual EWUB Open (Tournament) is organized on www.wgt.com virtual golf platform.

Participation in the Tournament is free.

During the Tournament, players can play unlimited number of times to raise a chance of winning.

The game play and score calculations are in accordance with the WGT rules.

The prize fund is equipment from the WGT virtual PRO SHOP.

Who can participate?

Players, registered on WGT platform under Russia, Luxembourg or European flags.

EWUB individually approves tournament participants and can decline participation at its sole discretion.

How to register?

  1. Register at WGT (if not already registered). Ask to join country club “EWUB Golf Cup” from “Profile” section.
  2. Fill in the registration form on this site, providing us with your “Golfer name” on WGT.

Important note to those who are already members of a WGT Country Club:

WGT rules allow participation in only one Country Club at the same time. To enter our Tournament, you must first leave your current club and join the EWUB Country Club for the period of the Tournament. After our Tournament is over, you can request to re-join your previous club.

What is the WGT platform

#1 free golf game with over 450 million virtual rounds played and 5+ million mobile downloads

24 famous virtual golf courses including Bandon Dunes, Pebble Beach® and St Andrews.

Organizers of the annual Virtual U.S. Open in partnership with the USGA

About the organiser

Tournament organiser – East-West United Bank (EWUB) – Luxembourgish bank with 45 years history. Bank provides Private Banking services for individual clients from around the world with Russia being the core market.


Valeriya Leone-Pichurina
Marketing & Communication Manager

East-West United Bank S.A.
Villa Foch, 10 Blvd Joseph II | L-184 Luxembourg